“Serving Christ through serving women and equipping them for ministry” – We are an exciting group of women concerned with spiritual and personal growth. The Virtuous Women of Trinity Baptist Church is the women’s fellowship of the church. In broad terms, it was established to serve as an outreach to women. The ministry serves as a connection point for the support and encouragement every woman’s needs in her emotional, mental, spiritual, social and career development. The objectives of the ministry include: offering women an opportunity to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and building a strong prayerful life; to become godly wives to our husbands, godly mothers to our children and faithful sisters to the body of Christ; and finally to provide and bring relief and assistance to members in moments of need.
It is a known fact that when women come together, to study, pray, share and serve – they transform their world. They make a mark that cannot be easily erased. Women are central to the success of humankind. With its slogan as Virtuous Women the Ministry has its own vision as raising Spirit- filled women who will pursue their God given purpose in the spirit of excellence for creative impact in their community? The inspirational text of the ministry in the Bible is the Proverbs 31woman. Two subgroups have successfully emerged from the Ministry, namely, the Virtuous Voices and the Tambourine Players