The Ministry of Church Ushers

The ministry of church ushers plays a vital role in the hospitality and welcome ministry of the local church.

Together with church greeters, parking lot volunteers, welcome center volunteers, and hospitality hosts, church ushers help the church member, visitor (guest) experience a wonderful worship service.

Church ushers are a significant part of church hospitality system and fulfill specific duties to accomplish that role.

I’ve made an attempt at a ministry guide for church ushers.

The role of a church usher is to help your first time guests, repeat visitors, and members experience the sacredness and joy of a worship service

Areas of responsibility for the role of church ushers

Generally, the ministry of church ushers focuses on the following areas of responsibilities (if they occur in your church):

  • Assist in the seating members and visitors
  • Provide care for the needs of the pastor during the service.
  • Attend to the needs of the visiting speaker or guests of honor.
  • Maintain the decorum of the service, according to the church’s tradition.
  • Watch for the safety of the congregation and acting as the line of first response to medical emergencies.
  • Collect and perhaps counting the offering.