Worship is often a word used to encompass all that we do to honour God. Musical worship, however, is simply a form of prayer and a powerful tool to help us connect with Jesus and thank Him for all He has said and done.

We strongly believe the tool of music was created by God as a form of prayer (communication with God) to serve the church. Whether it’s the act of singing or the use of instrumental music during prayer, music can quickly open our hearts and turn our minds to the Father to give Him thanks, to praise Him, to hear from Him, to cast our burdens and worries on him and to commit our lives to Him. These acts of worship are vital to corporate growth within the church and help strengthen the body of Christ.

It’s a wonderful privilege and honour to be called to be His worship leaders and we work diligently as a ministry to stay connected to the vine so we can lead out of our relationship with Jesus. We spend time in community and prayer before every practice and take time to ask Him for guidance in how we can lead our church in worship well. Our goal is to posture ourselves (personal lives & skill) in a way that we can receive the ministry He is giving us versus achieving something we have created. Like a sailing ship waiting for the wind to blow versus a powerboat.

We have a wide range of areas to serve in within the Worship Ministry and can be very flexible to people’s schedules and other commitments.